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If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be comfortable with risk.  And you’ve likely got your hands full running your enterprise.  But are you prepared for the future?

Too many business owners go “all in”.  As a business owner, you may continue to reinvest profits instead of periodically taking money out of the company to insulate it from business risk.  In many cases, the majority of your net worth could be tied up in your company.  That can leave your net worth extremely vulnerable to downturns, lawsuits, natural disasters or other unexpected events.

That’s where we can help.  Linscomb Wealth can help you balance your personal interests with those of your company.

This includes helping you protect your personal and family assets from risks associated with your business. This is critical because asset protection measures must be in place before any threat of litigation exists. But many business owners assume it will never happen to them.  It is good to be optimistic, but you should always prepare for the unexpected.  The unfortunate fact is that lawsuits are filed every day, even if they are without merit.  Therefore, you must prepare in advance, or otherwise, your assets and potentially your lifestyle is at risk.  Even if the lawsuit goes nowhere, costs to defend one can be staggering.

As wealth managers with years of experience helping clients assess risk, we’re able to help guide you so you make the best decisions possible.

Trusted Advisor

We pride ourselves in serving as both financial advisors and sounding boards for our entrepreneurial and business owner clients.  As a full-service provider, we can help you by providing objective, expert advice about all your personal finance matters, which will include your business.  And, we’re here to help you minimize your tax burden, when possible, so you can keep more of your money working for you.

  • Tax Planning/Income Tax Minimization
  • Asset Protection
  • Retirement Planning
  • Succession Planning & Exit Strategies
  • Employee Compensation Issues

Your employees can also benefit from some sound financial advice. Linscomb Wealth also can provide the following services to help your valued team members:

  • Financial Counseling for Individual Employees
  • Financial Workshops for Employee Groups
  • Financial Planning for Executives


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