Wealth Management Since 1971

How It Works

Building the Life You Want

At Linscomb Wealth, financial planning is an ongoing, active process to help you follow through on your plan and aimed to achieve your goals.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Fact Finding. We will interview you, asking questions to get a sense of where you are and where you want to go.  We want to understand the goals you envision, as well as your responsibilities, constraints, and preferences.
  2. Plan Analysis and Development. We’ll take the information we’ve gathered and develop a client-centered financial plan to help reach your goals. This will include looking at your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, retirement plans, income taxes, insurance, estate planning goals, and many other aspects of your financial life.
  3. Risk and Asset Analysis. We’ll then work with you to identify and analyze areas of risk. We will determine the mix of asset classes that are a good fit for your goals, time horizon and comfort level. Our review considers all your assets, regardless of whether we will help you manage them (assets such as business interests, real estate, and other holdings). Our goal is to make sure you are as prudently diversified as practically possible.
  4. Investment Planning. Once we agree upon an appropriate asset allocation strategy, we will make recommendations on the types of investments which will best meet your needs.
  5. Focused Efforts. Over time, we’ll work with you on specific areas where you need guidance and help:  retirement planning, income tax strategies, estate planning strategies, asset protection, insurance planning, college funding, elder care, health care planning, and others.  Our experts will jump in as needed to help make sure you get the best advice possible.
  6. Check-Ins. Once established, we’ll check in periodically on your open action items.  We’ll discuss your progress and provide any extra support when needed.  Also, when the financial markets become volatile, we are prepared to help you understand the reasons behind the instability, and whether changes are appropriate.
  7. Contact Us. As changes occur in your life which affect your finances, we invite you to call upon us for advice.  We’ll work together to fine-tune and renew your financial plan over time to adjust for these changes.

What’s covered in the Linscomb Wealth Financial Planning?

  • Income/Cash Flow Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Social Security Review
  • Risk Tolerance and Risk Management Analysis
  • Investments and Asset Allocation
  • Financial Independence/Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Review
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Income Tax Strategies
  • Wealth Accumulation or Preservation
  • Education Funding
  • Business Continuation or Disposition
  • Gift and Charitable Planning