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Your security is our top priority

As your trusted advisor and fiduciary, it is our job to help keep your money safe.  Read about how we do that in this section. 

Investment Management by Committee, Not Individuals

One person, no matter how experienced, can be unduly influenced by their own biases.  They also might be undergoing a stressful event or circumstance that might cloud their judgment.  This could have very negative impacts on your money.

At Linscomb Wealth,  investment selection is done by our Investment Committee.  With a committee, investment decisions are made by a group, helping minimize the possibility of a single person’s bias impacting our clients’ investments.

Our investment committee includes:

  • A well-rounded group of advisors with varied backgrounds to provide different perspectives.
  • Leadership from our Chief Investment Officer.
  • A disciplined investment process is followed to vet investment decisions.
  • Members of our Investment Committee are required to have “skin in the game”. Meaning, they must invest their personal assets in the same holdings we recommend for clients. This practice aims to align our Investment Committee’s interests with yours.

Third Party Custodians

At Linscomb Wealth, we partner with recognized banking institutions that specialize in keeping your assets secure.

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