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Investing for Your Future: Wealth Management

Investments specifically tailored to you, your goals and your risk preferences

Should I be taking profits or should I remain invested? 

What happens if the market crashes?

Am I likely to outlive my money?

Am I adequately diversified?

How can I keep more of what I earn? 

Should I sell my business?

How can I protect my family’s assets from potential creditors or lawsuits?

Managing your wealth often involves more questions than answers.

At Linscomb Wealth, our wealth management specialists have been answering these questions and helping clients achieve their goals for more than 50 years. We have the experience to navigate various market cycles, uncertain geopolitical and economic climates, or whatever else comes at us. We’re here to keep a close eye on your wealth, to help you relax and focus on living your life.

In-House Investment Management

Many financial advisors provide you with basic investment planning but outsource important tactical investment decisions to others.  These can be important decisions regarding asset class weightings (such as international versus domestic, or growth versus value) or gradations of risk in categories (core bonds versus junk bonds).  Outsourcing can be a profitable business model for the advisory firm, but it may create compromises for you:

  • Those outside money managers don’t personally know you, your goals or your comfort with taking on risk
  • You may simply be lumped in with others and given a portfolio solely based on your age
  • You may also be subject to an additional layer of expenses and fees with outsourcing.

At Linscomb Wealth, we don’t outsource decisions like these. Instead, we maintain control of these key decisions in-house.

So, you get:

  • Investments specifically tailored to you, your goals and your risk preferences
  • Direct communication with us, the team managing your money
  • Investment management by committee, not by just one advisor

Protecting What You’ve Built

As veteran wealth managers, we favor an approach that combines the best low-cost aspects of passive investing with the unique protections of active investing. Then we overlay sensible tax strategies aimed to increase your bottom-line return without taking on additional risk.

Giving you a unique edge

As long-time managers, we know how to implement strategies that strive to help you preserve and grow what you’ve built. Additionally, our scale can help you gain unique benefits:

  • We can often negotiate lower prices for bonds by purchasing for multiple clients, helping you enjoy higher bond yields than attainable on your own.
  • We can often obtain access to institutional investment products with lower fees, helping you keep more of your money working for you.
  • We employ two full-time analysts to assist our Investment Committee, giving us the resources to perform in-house research that helps us preserve client wealth.

Smart technology to support your goals

You need to know where your money is at all times. You also want to track your progress over time. We provide you client dashboard so you can:

  • View all your accounts, managed by us,  in one place
  • Get updated information daily, and
  • Note your progress toward your goals.